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Becoming an official – a nightmare

When it comes to whether you should become an official or not, the decision is made quickly. Because with officials, everyone thinks about security, pension claims, private health insurance and so it is clear: becoming an official is a dream. You forget that everything has its price. Also the "official will be" package has its price. What the price is …

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Forsa Poll: The Job as a Date Killer?

Already in a previous forsa survey showed: 32 percent of Germans had ever had a sexual relationship in the workplace. The job plays in the love life so quite a role. But how does our career choice affect dating? In a recent forsa survey commissioned by the consumer portal Sparwelt, 21 percent of women said they would rule out a …

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Officials become loyalty and obedience

Becoming an official is a dream. As they think about the non-cancellability, pension and private health insurance. That is also why many, teachers. As a teacher, you are a civil servant and have many holidays and live according to the motto "Mornings right and free in the afternoon". At least that's the idea of ​​unsuspecting people. What does it really …

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